Sunday, January 22, 2017

English Club: Story from Iraq

Flag of Iraq.svg
Iraqi Flag 2008-Present

The man on the right is Mohammed from Iraq. He and his family fled Iraq when it was ruled by the tyrant Saddam Hussein. Saddam killed one of Mohammed's brothers. When America liberated Iraq, he felt good about this. He helped the United States defeat Sadam. His life was threatened many times for helping the Americans. 

Under the current government, no one is happy because there is so much corruption. 

Mohammed came with his family to the one of the first ever English Clubs for refugees. He seemed so grateful to be in America, and really happy to have an opportunity to practice English and make some new American friends.  

One of the greatest treats of English club is to hear the stories of how these precious people ended up in America. Many of them have suffered so much pain, yet they seem so grateful and excited to be in this new place filled with hope. They want to fit into this new society and place so badly, but most of them can't speak or understand English very well. Would you be willing to donate your time to teach English to one of these refugees? ESL Connexus will provide the lesson. All you need to do is show up!

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