Tuesday, March 28, 2017

English Club for Refugees: 3/23/2017

English Club for Refugees was special this past Thursday for several reasons:

1) We had a Syrian family that had just arrived in the United States 5 days ago! Pray for this beautiful family. This family includes a husband and wife with 6 children ranging in ages 1-20. The 20-year-old son is still stuck in Turkey. Joel (Migros Aid founder) and Josh visited in the home of this family after English club. They are in need of basic household items.
2) We had record numbers of kids at the club this past week! I believe the count was 26 kids. If you enjoy working with kids, come join us.
Burmese Table
Prizes for the kids!

A song from the Congo!

3) Our language resources were fantastic last week. Joel put together plastic boxes with all kinds of great language learning tools (little whiteboards, dry erase markers, alphabet cards etc.). It really made the English class go great!

Example English Lesson: