Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Phase 1A: Session 14

Steam phase eruption of Castle Geyser demonstr...
Steam phase eruption of Castle Geyser demonstrates primary and secondary rainbows and Alexander's band in Yellowstone National Park. Français : Eruption de vapeur du Castle Geyser montrant les arcs en ciel primaire et secondaire, ainsi que la bande sombre d'Alexandre. Photo prise dans le Parc national de Yellowstone (États-Unis d'Amérique). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Session 14 

Learning Activity

1: Emotions in phrases (Lexicarry)

The Nurturer asks: "Who is saying, 'Please speak more slowly'? Who is saying, 'I am sad'?" (All of the people in the emotion pictures are assumed to be stating their emotions.)
Lexicarry-like pictures for "power tools" (including possibly some that weren't covered before); emotion pictures as described in Session 11, Activity 6.


2: Emotions combined with family terms (TPR)

The Nurturer asks: "Who is the sad boy's younger sister?" etc.
The people in the emotion drawings which were arranged in families.


3: Emotions (TPR)

The Nurturer instructs GPs "Be sad" (or "act sad"), etc.


4: Geographical features

try to quickly learn twenty new words (in less than half an hour).
A drawing with mountains (and snow), a valley, a forest, fire, hills, plains, a lake, an island, a river, a road, a path, a bridge, the sun, clouds, grass, rocks, the sky, a road, a building (including its roof, chimney, smoke), a fence, field, a sidewalk, etc.
See resource set—the picture there has most of what is described here.


5: Review (Here-and-now)

GPs and the Nurturer perform many of the actions learned previously, and the Nurturer describes the actions using "I am doing X, you are doing Y" etc.

6: Bookshelf activity (TPR)

Combining ordinal numbers (first, second, third) colors, and the word for "wanting", the Nurturer tells a GP: "I want the red book on the fifth shelf. I want the green book on the first shelf." etc.
A bookshelf full of books
Review activities of GPs' choice.


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