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Phase 1A: Session 15

English: Facial emotions.
English: Facial emotions. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Session 15 

Learning Activity

1: review with wanting

The Nurturer tells GPs: "You/I/we/he/they want an X" and the GPs respond by giving the object to the person who wants it.
Get out all of the objects (drawings, etc.) used so far that can be manipulated. Put them on the learning table. Each GP has a bag into which they put the objects given to them. There can be multiples of some objects, which will allow the use of numbers ("three beans").


2: review having

The Nurturer asks GPs "Do you have an X" and GPs answer yes or no.


3: seeing

The Nurturer asks, "Do you see an X". The GP responds "yes" or "no".


4: Grand review with wanting and having and seeing

These three forms of statement and question are mixed with "give" and "take" (including pronouns, "take from me, from him").
GPs use their bags to hold objects they have taken or received. When asked "Do you have an X?" they can look in their bags. If they are asked if they can see something that they know is in their bag, they can answer "no".
The activity continues until nothing is left on the learning table.


5: People with emotions want to go to geographical features (TPR)

The Nurturer tells the GPs where the sad boy, happy woman, etc. want to go. GPs respond by placing the people in the places.
Use other actions too: sit, walk, look at, run, touch, etc.
Drawing with geographical features (mountains, lakes, forest, etc.). Drawings of people with emotions (now cut apart into individual people).


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