Monday, March 13, 2017

UNICEF Report: Syrian Children Dying in Record Numbers

Volunteers rescue a boy from rubble following a barrel bomb attack on the Syrian city of Aleppo on Nov. 24, 2016. Ameer Alhalbi / AFP - Getty Images
 UNICEF Report: Syrian Children Dying in Record Numbers
By Mark Hanrahan (NBC News) 
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According to Mark Hanrahan (2017), over 652 Syrian children were killed in 2016. A 20% increase over 2015. Here are some other facts from the report: 

* 851 children were recruited to fight in the war (double the number in 2015)
*Many of these kids are forced into combat roles, executioners, and even suicide bombers
*After 6 years of war, nearly 6 million children now depend on humanitarian aid
*Kids are being denied education or risk being killed trying to attend school
*There were 87 attacks on schools or educational personnel
*225 children were killed at or near school
*1/3 of schools in Syria are destroyed or damaged
*Kids are determined to learn and live their dreams out: some 12,600 children crossed active conflict lines in Syria to sit for their final exams

A 23-year-old Syrian refugee named Rami from the Lebanon Bekaa Valley said, "I wish to live in Syria again. I wish for the war to end and for wars all over the world to end. I wish for peace so every child can live in their country. I wish to become a teacher so I can teach the children in need. 
Syrian children play during a sandstorm in the Syrian city of Aleppo on March 10. Joseph Eid / AFP - Getty Images