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Discover a new Language 

Discover a new language using the Growing Participator Approach (GPA) by Greg and Angela Thompson. You don't have to be a professional to teach or learn another language with the GPA. This six phase program with over 1,500 super-charged hours of language learning will take you from novice to native speaker in no time. The lessons have been translated into--Arabic  *Spanish  *Dutch  *French  *Portuguese   *Turkish  *Urdu  *Kazakh  *Korean  *Chinese 

Discover a new Land

Beyond Bethany Tours

Discover a new land, culture, and faith by going on a spiritual pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Each discovery tour will include both a philanthropic cause and spiritual pilgrimage.  

Discover a new faith by reading both the Bible and the Quran. Join Josh and Hassan on their humble spiritual journey through these sacred texts. Pray, love, learn, and share your thoughts with us by joining our Facebook group: ESL Connexus: Study the Bible and Quran

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