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The Six-Phase Program

Created by: Greg and Angela Thompson

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The Six-Phase Program is just one way of realizing the Growing Participator Approach in practice. The phases are based on the nature of the supercharged participation activities, which keep changing as the growing participators' abilities change until they reach the stage where healthy growth continues without the aid of special activities-Phase 6-which goes on for the duration of their life among the particular host people. Although the phases are defined primarily in terms of the special growth activities, they are also characterized in terms of the development of life among host people in general. 


Supercharged Activity

Social Life

Language Ability

 Here-and-Now Phase
(100 hours)
Activities that involve understanding and responding by actions (TPR)
Little interaction with host people is possible
Ability to understand speech about what we see before us, and the bare beginnings of talking ability
  Story-Building Phase

(150 hours)

Communicating around wordless picture stories
Some interaction possible
Ability to talk about the “here-and-now” and to understand simple stories

Shared-Story Phase

(250 hours)

Communicating around familiar stories
Able to start developing meaningful relationships with a number of people
Ability to understand complex stories and simple explanations, and to tell simple stories

 Deep-Life Sharing Phase

 (500 hours)

Interviewing people in depth about host life
Able to develop deep relationships
Ability to understand complex explanations, to tell rich stories and give simple explanations
To Native Discourse Phase
  (500 hours)
Communication around lengthy sound-recordings of host people talking to one another
Able to belong to host groups as a true participant in the life of those groups
Ability to understand most of what you hear, and give complex explanations

  Self-Sustaining Growth Phase


Full participation in the life of host individuals and groups dominates the life of the growing participator
Near native
Fit in as a proper participant in host life

Print Phase 1A: Introduction (English)

Print Phase 1A: Lesson Plans (English)

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Phase 1A (Quizlet links) Join the Class Here!

Phase 1A graphics pack #2

Feelings graphics
Example video of TPR (Total Physical Response)
Example video of Dirty Dozen
Example video of Point To Game
Example video of Point and Say Game

Print Phase 1B: Introduction (English)

Print Phase 1B: Lesson Plans (English)

Phase 1B graphics pack #1

Print Phase 2: Orientation (English)

Print Phase 2: Lesson Plans (English)

*Arabic *Spanish *Korean *Chinese 

Phase 2A: (50 hours) Work on creating your own story from a wordless picture book. The coach should help negotiate the meaning of words and situations in the picture book. Once the coach and learner negotiate an acceptable meaning, the coach should record the story for future review. Example: See playlist "Frog On His Own" Phase 2B: (50 hours) The coach tells his/her own story from a selected wordless picture book. The learner records new words for feature review. Example playlist "Achoo!" (Arabic) Example video of a description of a park scene Phase 2C: (50 hours) The learner draws stick figures and pictures to represent personal stories. Meanings of words and situations are negotiated with the coach. The coach makes a final recording of the story for review.

Wordless Books out of print:

If these books were to ever be printed and published again, please purchase the book for use.
Big Fat Worm Catch that Cat A Country Far Away Children's Child Comic Strip Creepy Things Ethiopian Wordless Stories Flying Saucer  Good Bird Great Cat Chase Hiccup I Can't Sleep Moral Tale 1 Moral Tale 2 OOPS! Robot Secret In the Dungeon  Self-made Snowman Sir Andrew Sunrise Yellow Umbrella

Print Phase 3: Introduction (English)

Print Phase 3: Lesson Plans (English)

Print Phase 4: Lesson Plans (English)

*Arabic  *Urdu  *Chinese 

Print Phase 5: Lesson Plans (English)


Print Phase 6: Lesson Plans (English)

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