Sunday, January 22, 2017

Two Ladies from Burma Sing!

It was another great English Club for refugees on October 13th. Listen to two Burmese ladies sing a traditional Burmese song. They really get going near the middle and end. Very beautiful! There is so much pride in the faces and voices of those who sing for their country. It touches my heart every time one of these beautiful refugees sings at the club. In 1989 the largest nation of mainland Southeast Asia changed its name from Burma to Myanmar. In 2006 the capital moved from Yangon (formerly Rangoon) to Nay Pyi Taw. Geographically, the country's Irrawaddy basin is surrounded on three sides by densely forested mountains and plateaus. Most people live in the fertile valley and delta of the Irrawaddy River. (Society, 2016)

Society, N.G. (2016) Myanmar (Burma) facts, Myanmar (Burma) flag -- national geographic. Available at: (Accessed: 23 October 2016).