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English Club for Refugees: February 16, 2017

English Club for Refugees: February 16, 2017

Waiting for the van to go to English Club

So, we had our first English Club at a new facility close to the Stratford Apartments. This organization has kindly allowed us to use their facility for free and is even helping us transport refugees from the apartments every Thursday. A big shout out to Bill for making this happen! Some of the advantages of using this facility are a kitchen area, kids room, Wi-Fi connection, copier and volunteer help. We are still in need of more language recourses to run the Growing Participator Approach. If you are willing to donate or bring any of the following items it would be much appreciated. Please see the list below:
1) 5 notebooks with Phase 1A lessons and graphics (Cost: around $25 per copy at Kinkos)
2) 5 small doll houses with furniture for each table
3) small figures to represent family members (puppets or dolls)
4) small plastic animals, food, or other common items.
5) 5-6 used tablets/laptops/computers with Wi-Fi capabilities to access on-line resources
6) Notebooks/pencils/pens
7) Picture books/ Kids books
If you are interested in helping with any of these items, please contact ESL Connexus at

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