Saturday, March 4, 2017

English Club for Refugees: February 9, 2017

February 9, 2017

My heart is always moved by the generosity and kindness of the international refugee community. Last night Migros Aid and ESL Connexus teamed up to kickoff English Club. I always tell Joel, founder of Migros Aid, "English club for Refugees is always a bit like a rodeo." You never know which immigrants are going to show up. You never know which volunteers are going to show up. And, you never know if you will be eating or staying warm. Sometimes we don't have the funds to buy food or the heat in the clubhouse might go out in the dead of winter! Fortunately, none of these things happened. In contrast, the clubhouse heat was working, a great group of volunteers and immigrants came, Migros Aid donated clothes and the immigrants themselves brought enough food to feed an army! Migros Aid donated some funds to make the feast possible! You can see some of the delicious food below!

Singing is always a big hit!
Building Community through food, singing, games, and language.
Brady and Matt Teaching English

Like I said, "English Club is a bit of a rodeo in the sense you never know what is going to happen!" Upon entering the club house, one of the ladies from Myanmar pulled out an envelope and initiated everyone into the club with a red dot on the forehead!
Welcome to the club Matt and Brady

Josh and Joel are official club members!

Jeff is now a member!

Thanks to each person who brought food. It was really delicious!