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Phase 1A: Session 12

A bee-fly of the Bombyliidae family (Villa sp.)
A bee-fly of the Bombyliidae family (Villa sp.) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: Kids learn about insects, for the let...
English: Kids learn about insects, for the letter I! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Session 12 

As time goes on, there will come to be a tension between the need to keep earlier words and phrases alive (and growing stronger) and the need to learn new words and phrases. As a result, there will be sessions when a smaller than average amount of new vocabulary is learned. This session is such a Session.

Learning Activity

1: Doing things to creepy-crawlies with tools (TPR)

This activity, like an earlier one, highlights the noun forms for performing an action "with" an instrument. It also reinforces the tool names learned in the previous session.
The Nurturer instructs the GPs: "Kill the fly with the hammer. Hit the mouse with the hatchet. Kill the spider with the wrench. Kill the cockroach with the string...."names for pests learned previously that are commonly killed by people (being careful about cultural sensitivities): mouse, fly, bee, snake, spider, cockroach.

Tools from the day before. Remember that it is always easy to add two or three new objects in such an activity that is built mainly around old objects.


2: Mixing and strengthening old objects and actions (TPR)

Eat, pour, drink, give, and the new action, feed oneself, other GPs, the Nurturer, dolls, and animals. Also, the foods can be cut with the knife, hatchet, scissors, fork, and saw, and eaten or fed to an animal or person with the fork, spoon, or hand. This provides many more options than most activities so far if the Nurturer can keep them all in mind.

Foods, drinks, dolls (man, woman, boy, girl, baby), animals.


3: review (Here-and-now)

A GP performs many actions from the previous activity, using the same objects and actions. The Nurturer describes what the GP is doing right while he does it. This type of here-and-now input is important at this early stage, and such activities can be profitably included more frequently than indicated here. Maximum value comes from listening repeatedly to the recording, or better, watching the video.


4: numbers to ten (TPR)

The Nurturer instructs GPs: "Give three fish to the woman. Give five matches to the baby...." Of course, the activity starts with two numbers (probably one and two) and only adds one new number at a time.

Some small objects that come in large sets: matches, sunflower seeds, candies, beans, dried anchovies. Dolls (representing people).


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