Thursday, March 16, 2017

Phase 1A: Session 3

Session 3

Building Your Little World

GPs continue building a little world in which the names of basic objects and actions are familiar to them. They can extend the set of inanimate objects (including containers) and animate objects from the first two sessions. Important parts of this little world are the places and objects in the room where the sessions take place.

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Learning Activity1: places and objects in the room


Door, window, shelf, cupboard, blackboard /whiteboard, floor, ceiling, wall, wall picture, other furniture, etc. It sometimes happens that the setting of the sessions is quite different from the primary settings of daily life in the host culture. However, at this point, the learning is taking place where it is taking place, and that is the real world of shared experience in which The Nurturer and GPs are relating. The GPs are still at an extremely early stage of development, where the real here-and-now context is crucial.

Materials Needed: Parts of your room

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Learning Activity2: actions with places in the room (TPR)


Now combine actions of moving and bodily positions (sit, stand, lie) with the places in the room. For some, such as ceiling, the only reasonable commands are ones such as "Point at the ceiling". For most of the places and objects whose names are now known, the commands can be of forms such as "Walk to the door; stand beside the blackboard; sit on the floor..." New vocabulary in this activity is minimal, and “point to” and "next to".


Learning Activity3: more objects, containers, locations 


Add some new animate objects and inanimate objects and containers. More toy animals or drawings or magazine photos of animals might be added (goat, sheep, cow, snake, bird, bee, tiger, camel, rabbit, swan), and containers (pan, plate, saucer, tray, pitcher, kettle, frying pan, pot, lid, stove). Two relative locations can be used: on and beside. Example commands: "Put the dog on the plate, put the cat beside the plate, put the bird on the tray, put the bee beside the saucer...".

Materials Needed

toy animals, drawings, magazine photos, containers


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Learning Activity 4: places, objects, containers (here and now)


The Nurturer performs all of the actions from previous activities and describes what he is doing. Then a GP performs the activities, and the Nurturer describes to that GP what he or he (the GP) is doing.

Materials Needed

Learning Activity: Lexicary continued


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