Sunday, August 6, 2017

Phase 1B: Session 2

Session 2 at-a-Glance 

Plan this one based on how Session 1 has gone (repeat, expand)

Language Activity Description

Materials to Gather Activity 1: Phonetic practice (listening)

Activity 2: Lexicarry


Activity 3: GPs name someone's body parts GP take turns naming their own (my), others’   (your, our, their) body parts.

Activity 4: major talking activity - Grand activation of speaking vocabulary. Continue with activity from the previous session, using remaining objects. All of the objects and pictures used in earlier sessions are placed on the table, and the string/yarn/twine is used for the “  ladder.”

Activity 5: Talk about actions from Session 4 activity 1 of Phase 1a. Use the countryside scene, and GPs describe the situation while the Nurturer or other GPs arrange the pictures.

Countryside scene

* A note about out of session time – note as you add in “talking activities” and have less “listening activities,” you also have less new recordings.  However, look ahead each day and see what activities you are going to be doing where you are trying to move words up your iceberg into “talking.” Then go back to your recordings from Phase 1A and “refresh” those words in your iceberg by listening and doing those activities again. For example, today we are going to do the countryside scene with feelings and nationalities so I will want to go back and listen and do with recordings from Phase 1A sessions 11, 13, and 14.

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