Saturday, November 25, 2017

Project Outrageous for Syrian Refugee Kids: (Update Part 1)

Project Outrageous Update (part 1)

Dennis, Nannette, Josh, Jackson
September 30th-- The Jordan 2017 Project outrageous team loaded up a rental van and headed to Chicago's O'Hare International Airport. The team consisted of Josh, Nannette, my son Jack, and a close friend Dennis. We set out on our journey with great excitement and expectation of what God would do in us and through us. Wow! Unknown to us, we were about to experience the trip of a lifetime. God would bring our faith alive through exploration of ancient holy sites, divine encounters with both strangers and friends, and outrageous acts of kindness to those in need. Enjoy the picture tour of our trip below.

Josh & Dennis interview Abu Omar and Aymen (Part 1)

Abu Omar is also known as Ishmael. He is the whole-sale sports equipment provider that helped us put together the sports kits for four boys schools and four girls schools. Abu Omar blew us away with his generosity. He also threw in free chess sets for each school and offered to provide free backpacks for any of the kids that needed one. He himself was the father of six kids! Aymen is a former Jordan national volleyball team member. He offered to deliver all of the kits to the remaining seven schools using his own vehicle and gas for free. Aymen has made good on that promise (signed invoices from each school to prove it!)

Josh & Dennis interview Abu Omar and Aymen (Part 2)

Abu Omar expresses his gratitude in a grand speech to ESL Connexus. He has always dreamed of doing this type of project. He thinks the project is important. A huge thanks to donors from Dennis. Due to Abu Omar's generosity, we were able to buy more equipment for less. Abu Omar points out that schools often only get a few hundred dollars for their budget from the government. This gift will go a long way to help the schools. 

Josh & Dennis interview Abu Omar and Aymen (Part 3)

Josh Interviews Wisam from QRTA

Wisam was instrumental in opening the door between ESL Connexus and the Queen Rania's Teachers Academy. Wisam, we are so grateful for your help to make the project happen. I apologize for the poor audio quality. In general, Wisam is speaking about the important role QRTA is playing in the field of education and teacher training in Jordan. 

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